A well-behaving dog is a happy dog! Does your dog get anxious when meeting other dogs? Or pulls so hard on the leash that she nearly chokes? Ruins your guests’ clothes by jumping up? Or perhaps your dog is fearful of new things and people? We will help you overcome these problems!

Our approach

We offer professional and personal behavior consults where we observe your dog, try to understand the roots of the problem, and start from there. Every dog is different and even if many have the same problems, the causes may differ greatly in each situation, meaning that a personal approach is needed for each dog. We are specialized in working with problem behaviors – see the list of courses we have taken here. Although we have the skills and knowledge to teach your dog to sit and lay down, we believe that these commands alone are not enough to ensure that your dog is happy and healthy. Our goal is to teach you as the owner how to build a relationship of friendship and trust with your dog that enables you to understand each other throughout your lives and allows your furry friend to be happy, calm, and confident. Naturally, this is all based on scientific and positive methods – things that cause inconvenience, or pain to dogs have no place in our consultations and classes.

We believe that your dog’s emotional and mental health are just as important as his physical well-being and these things can never be viewed in isolation. Physical problems often affect behavior and emotional health and vice versa. We find it important to take a holistic approach and if we see that your dog has problems with physical health, we will help you find a vet that has the best skillset to solve your problem.

All this is meant to ensure that your dog is happy. Above all, our job is to teach you, not your dog, to help you build a solid relationship. We expect you to dedicate time and effort to this, as unfortunately there is no magic wand or pill that would transform your dog overnight. We will be with you every step of the way and our customers have become like our second family that we go on walks with sometimes.

If you find yourself in a situation that you can no longer handle, contact us. Please give a brief description of your problem and let’s think of a solution together. Write to us at:

Price list:

1 × consultation: 50€

The duration of the consultation is 60–120 minutes, depending on the dog, problem, and situation. We will send you a summary, more detailed plan for the future, and written materials after the consultation.

Individual puppy school

We also offer an individual puppy school to our customers. This is a great solution if you would like to get one-to-two classes and help and knowledge on how to have a great life with your dog. It is best to start with our puppy school even before you bring the puppy home. We have gathered a host of materials to support you on various topics, such as how to prepare your home for the puppy, socialization, teaching, etc.

Our individual puppy school is based on the foundation that every dog and owner are different and require individual support. We first meet with the owner to put together a plan for the puppy school to understand their needs and agree on the most important topics to focus on throughout the puppy school. Our goal is an independent dog owner who has all the core knowledge required to correctly guide their puppy and raise him into a happy dog.

The duration and exact schedule will be agreed on after the initial meeting. If you would like more information, write to us at

We want to make sure that our customers feel like they receive help and are confident enough to continue on their own. The feedback we’ve received is our best advocate:

"The materials you’ve compiled helped immensely. They cover several topics that I wouldn’t have even thought of or considered important. For example, the long list of things to introduce to my dog for socialization. And sleep tracking – I know that dogs sleep a lot, but I never thought to actually track it. The materials were comprehensive and greatly helped our new family member adapt.

The lessons were amazing and we always looked forward to the next meeting. We could practice behaving in various situations and ask anything we wanted. As new puppy owners we had more questions than answers, but thanks to you we could solve our problems before they even emerged. The lessons were informative and every time I felt the slight pressure of whether we had practiced enough in the meantime or whether Leelo would fail to demonstrate her skills. The greatest advantage of personal learning is that everything is based on the current situation, i.e. only us and our dog, the expectations we have, and our schedule (whether I want to take other classes in the future with my dog, bring her to the office, take her on a bus/train, etc.) We could immediately practice everything new we learned and receive feedback if something needed to be changed/improved. We could be flexible in scheduling our meetings, find the best time and change it, if necessary. For example, if it was raining and we planned to have a session outside, we could reschedule it for a day when the weather was better."