Hello, my name is Hedvi and this is my best friend Luna!

We are so happy that you have found your way to the Kullakuu page. You can read more about our story here.

Our story

Luna is the reason why I decided to start training dogs and their owners. She is a fearful dog with a complicated past who has exhibited a host of problem behaviors. By attending dog school with her I saw that the methods that were used did not suit her dog and only made things worse. I felt like this could not be the only way to teach dogs and after meeting with several trainers I knew I had to take matters into my own hands and learn more about dogs and how to understand them if I wanted to solve these problems. This opened up a whole new world to me, bringing so much clarity and understanding, looking back.

Kullakuu was born out of a wish to offer concerned dog owners a service that I so desperately needed a few years ago. My own experience with a dog who has a difficult background has given me the understanding that training and teaching commands is simply not enough to help dogs. In order to really help them, we need to learn to understand them a lot better.

Kullakuu online store

A long leash is a great tool to offer dogs enough freedom and an opportunity to feel safe. Over the years I’d seen that unfortunately, stores do not carry durable and conveniently long leashes, which inspired me to create the Kullakuu online store. This allows us to offer high-quality products to dog owners and their fluffy friends that they actually need.

Now, our product range has become wider, however, our goal remains the same – we want to offer durable, practical, and beautiful products to our customers. It is important that all out products are suitable and necessary for the dog.

Skills and knowledge

My journey towards becoming a dog behaviorist has been very exciting and I have had the chance to help many dogs and their families. My approach is strictly based on scientific and positive methods – things that cause stress, inconvenience, or pain to dogs have no place in my consultations and classes.

I believe that in order to do things right, it’s best to learn from specialists in the field – vets, dog behaviorists, researchers, etc. – and of course dogs themselves. Today, I have completed many different courses and am mainly focused on topics related to problem behaviors.

I am a member of Pet Dog Trainers of Europe. Through this, I was mentored by renowned dog body language expert Turid Rugaas, the author of On Talking Terms With Dogs, for four months.

List of training courses I have participated in


Michael Shikashio – Resource Guarding Masterclass, 2022

Dogs4Motion Academy – Dog Massage Course, 2022

Dogs4Motion Academy – FUNdamentals K9 conditioning course, 2022

Amber Batson – A Medical and Behavioural Look At The Effects Of Neutering In the Dog, 2022

Kellie Snider – Toward A New Understanding Of Constructional Aggression Treatment, 2022

Malena DeMartini – Unique Cases in Separation Anxiety, 2022

Malena DeMartini – Separation Anxiety Prevention, 2022

Malena DeMartini – A Dive into Separation Anxiety, 2022

Dog Training College – Canine Reactivity Specialist program, 2022

Luna's Lake – Therapeutic Scentwork for Every Dog, 2021

Amber Batson - Aggression in Dogs, 2021

Amber Batson – Puppy Power For Professionals, 2021

Behavior Vets – Utilizing Pattern Games to Help Dogs Living in Urban Environments, 2021

Galen Myotherapist Luisa Greig – Masterclass: Postural assessment workshop, 2021

Galen Myotherapist Luisa Greig – Masterclass: A guide to assessing movement, 2021

Dog Behavior Conference, 2021

Conor Brady - The Colossal (but Unspoken) Role of Nutrition in Behaviour, 2021

Amber Batson - Pain And The Influence On Behaviour, 2021

Karen Webb - Noise; when it is not music to your dog's ears, 2021

Amber Batson - Barking Mad, 2021

Jan Rawlings - Separation Anxiety – The Plain & Simple, 2021

Amber Batson - Give a dog a Bone: What is resource guarding and what can we do about it, 2021

Amber Batson - Mind The Gap: How do the body and brain interconnect to influence behaviour of the dog, 2021

Dog Training College, 2020 - ...

Veterinary Behavior Symposium 2020

Lemonade Conference 2020

International Dog Trainer School, 2019-2020

Turid Rugaas - The Complete Dog, 2019

Luisa Greig - Galen Therapy Centre’s Canine Massage Workshop, 2019

Gerard O’Shea – Dog management, 2018