Hello, my name is Hedvi and this is my best friend Luna!

Kullakuu was born out of a wish to offer concerned dog owners a service that I so desperately needed a few years ago. My own experience with a dog who has a difficult background has given me the understanding that training and teaching commands is simply not enough to help dogs.

In order to really help them, we need to learn to understand them a lot better. A long leash is a great tool to offer dogs enough freedom and an opportunity to feel safe. Over the years I’d seen that unfortunately, stores do not carry durable and conveniently long leashes, which inspired me to create the Kullakuu online store. This allows us to offer high-quality products to dog owners and their fluffy friends that they actually need.

Thank you for trusting us!

Customers’ feedback

"Our family highly recommends the consultations, products, and puppy school of Kullakuu! We could say that we have found a great and professional consultant/helper that we can always turn to with any concerns and questions. The behavior consultations are based on your dog’s needs and positive methods that consider all parties involved. Our journey is far from over, but I already have so many good things to say. Our four-legged family member and us are very grateful to Kullakuu! "

"I wish that all dog owners would understand dog psychology the way Kullakuu does. You do not have to have an issue or a problem to find out about Kullakuu’s approach and recommendations. You can 100% use them to broaden your horizons and become an even better dog owner "

"Everything is so great, the approach is so personal, I love it! And the way you receive your products... I have a smile on my face just opening the parcel terminal, not to mention the packaging they use! Gorgeous!"

What’s new in Kullakuu?



Multifunctional leash

Many ways to use it – see yourself!

Reflective handles

New handle option