Kullakuu leashes

Leashes that give your dog more freedom and you the feeling of security

The length of the leash matters, as it allows your dog to explore the world without being stressed – this entertains her and allows her to keep her mind sharp. A longer leash allows your pet to sniff without pulling and dragging you along into every fascinating puddle. At the same time, a strong leash means that the control remains in your hand, enabling you to protect your dog and others from unexpected encounters.

Kullakuu leashes are available in 4 lengths – 2, 3, 4, or 5 meters. A 2-meter leash is perfect for cities where the dog does not have a lot of room to sniff. Leashes that are at least 3 meters long are perfect for adventures and situations where you can let your dog explore a little further.

Kullakuu leashes are hand-made. Our goal is to make leashes that are high-quality, convenient to use, and long enough to allow your dog to explore the world.

The leashes are made of materials that can even withstand very excitable dogs who are always in a hurry on walks.

Made in Estonia

All our products are hand-made in Estonia.


We regularly ask our customers for feedback to our products. Our average satisfaction rating is 9.6.

Designed by a specialist

The design of our products is based on the needs and anatomy of dogs. It is important to us to give your dog enough space to move and use materials that are appropriate to the weight and strength of your dog.

Fast delivery

We make and ship all our products within 5 business days.

The harness is really nice, the quality is of course great and it fits my dog well.


Our Estonian hound Betty and ourselves are very pleased with the leash. The colors and materials are great! Tank you!


The leash is beautiful and the harness – just wow! It fits like a glove. My dog is so happy with the toy!

Could one of these be your new favorite leash?

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