Individual puppy school

We also offer individual puppy school to our customers. This is a great solution if you would like to get one-to-two classes and help and knowledge on having a great life with your dog. It is best to start with our puppy school even before you bring the puppy home. We have gathered a host of materials to support you on various topics, such as how to prepare your home for the puppy, socialization, teaching, etc.


Kullakuu mainly works in Tallinn and Harju County, but we do travel across Estonia from time to time and have met with many lovely customers from Tartu, Pärnu, Viljandi, and Paide, for example. We can successfully combine face-to-face meetings and video consultations to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need.

The Kullakuu puppy school

The Kullakuu puppy school is different from most other puppy classes, because we put much more emphasis on creating a strong bond between the dog and owner and supporting the dog in adapting to the world. Dogs can learn to sit and lie down easily, but they have much more trouble with getting used to our everyday life and this often causes problems that make owners turn to us after puppyhood.

We have put together a host of written materials that will provide answers to most of the questions people may have when living together with a puppy. The reading materials will prepare you for living with a dog and provide knowledge on how to behave in various situations.

The Kullakuu puppy school lessons focus on everyday situations, learning to understand the dog’s body language and how to guide and support the dog in a friendly way, and teaching the puppy to successfully and safely manage in this big world.

About the trainer

Our behaviorist Hedvi advises dog owners daily and sees what problems could have been prevented by attending a well-thought-out puppy school. Kullakuu puppy school’s content is constantly updated according to the courses undergone by the trainer and needs of the owners.

In 2021, our trainer also participated in a comprehensive training course on puppies taught by Amber Batson that gave her knowledge on the development, learning, adapting, and socialization of dogs.

"Meil on ääretult hea meel, et Kullakuu ja Hedvi peale sattusime oma kutsikakooli otsimisel - põhjalikud õppematerjalid ja nii positiivne, sõbralik ning abivalmis teenindus. Omandasime väga palju vajalikke teadmisi edasiseks iseseisvaks tegutsemiseks. Nii tore on teada, et saame oma küsimustega ka edaspidi Kullakuu poole pöörduda."

"The Kullakuu puppy school is essential for all dog owners. Hedvi is very friendly, takes an individual approach to each problem, and provides good information to better understand and train your pet. She uses methods based on positive feedback and research. We were very pleased with the Kullakuu puppy school and products and are grateful that such a service exists. Thank you!"

"Our family highly recommends the consultations, products, and puppy school of Kullakuu! We could say that we have found a great and professional consultant/helper that we can always turn to with any concerns and questions. The behavior consultations are based on your dog’s needs and positive methods that consider all parties involved. Our journey is far from over, but I already have so many good things to say. Our four-legged family member and us are very grateful to Kullakuu! "

"The written materials helped immensely. They cover several topics that I wouldn’t have even thought of or considered important. The materials were comprehensive and greatly helped our new family member adapt. The lessons were amazing and we always looked forward to the next meeting. We could practice behaving in various situations and ask anything we wanted. As new puppy owners we had more questions than answers, but thanks to you we could solve our problems before they even emerged. The lessons were informative and every time I felt the slight pressure of whether we had practiced enough in the meantime or whether my dog would fail to demonstrate her skills. The greatest advantage of individual learning is that everything is based on the current situation, i.e. only us and our dog, the expectations we have, and our schedule (whether I want to take other classes in the future with my dog, bring her to the office, take her on a bus/train, etc.) We could immediately practice everything new we learned and receive feedback if something needed to be changed/improved. We could be flexible in scheduling our meetings, find the best time and change it, if necessary. For example, if it was raining and we planned to have a session outside, we could reschedule it for a day when the weather was better."


Price list

Our puppy school is individual and the number, location, and content of lessons depends on the wishes and needs of the family. Write to us at or send us a message through the contact form to agree on the puppy school package and get more information about the price.