We use various types of carabiners for the Kullakuu leashes.

There are three different regular attachments depending on the color combination of the leash: silver, black, and rose gold. These attachments are selected based on the size of your dog. For small and medium-sized dogs, it is important to use an attachment appropriate to their weight that is not too large and heavy but is still strong enough to withstand stronger pulling. With large and very large dogs, however, the attachment must not be too small and be strong enough to take even the strongest pulling.

Customers can also select a lockable attachment for their leash. These are the strongest attachments and made of aluminum. Although they are slightly larger (70–86 mm), but very light-weight. The aluminum attachments are lockable, meaning that they offer additional security and do not open accidentally, for example during playing. They are available in two color options: silver and black.