More and more clients come to me who have concerns about their dog and who tell me long stories about how much they do with their dog. Every day at least 2-3 hours of walking, on top of that exercise and an hour of throwing a ball and running in the evening. And the dog is still not tired and can still do mischief and break things all night long.

Increasing the dog's physical load seems like a simple solution to various behavioral problems. But is it really so?

I believe that every dog owner wants the best for their pet. This does not mean that you have to provide your dog with hours of exercise, running and brisk walking. If you want your dog to be balanced and happy, you need to ensure that his needs are met, but this does not mean a large amount of physical exercise.

To cover a dog's primary needs, it needs high-quality food, a reasonable amount of exercise, and time and a quiet place to rest. When I ask my clients how much their dog sleeps a day, I sometimes get very surprising answers - some say 8 hours at most. It is definitely not enough. In addition to sleep, a dog also needs the opportunity to be a dog, and in practice I see that this is often overlooked by dog owners. A dog wants to sniff and discover the world, let his nose take him to interesting places. Sometimes also digging and chasing birds. But all this in a reasonable amount. We need to provide our dog with a safe environment and the knowledge that he can trust and rely on us. We have to take care of our pet's health and provide treatment if necessary. And finally - to teach your pet to adapt to the surrounding world. 

If you are one of those people whose dog seems to be tireless and demands 24/7 activity and can't even sleep, check his daily schedule. Replace a high-energy activity with an activity that requires nose work, such as looking for treats on the carpet or lawn. During the walk, focus on enjoying the company instead of the distance - let your dog sniff calmly while walking on a loose leash. If the dog is used to always walking at a fast pace, it will take some time to get used to it, but believe me, your dog will really enjoy the opportunity to just be a dog and read the news with its nose. 

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