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A long leash – why?

It's important to use long leashes for walking your dog, to let him or her explore the world stress-free – walks serve both as its entertainment as well as a means of exercising its brain. A longer leash lets your favourite little friend sniff around without pulling on a leash and inviting you to jump into every interesting puddle. When you use a leash that’s long enough for a little slack in the line, your dog is less likely to pull - instinct causes dogs to pull against a tight leash, so you should aim for loose-leash walking to start reversing pulling habits. At the same time, with a strong leash, you as the owner are still in control, protecting both your pet and others from unexpected encounters.

Kullakuu's Biothane leashes come in 4 sizes -  2, 3, 4 and 5 meters. 3 meters is an absolute minimum to give your pup the distance and freedom during your walks. Small and medium dogs' leashes are 9mm wide and large and extra large dogs' leashes are 19mm wide. On the pictures you can see a 19mm wide leash. Please choose the leash according to your dog’s size – this way we can ensure that all the materials we use are suitable for your dog. 

Give your dog a bit of taste of off-leash freedom to wander and explore where they like without constraint, while keeping themselves and others safe. We strongly recommend to use harnesses, rather than a collar, to prevent injury and provide proper control if your dog decides to run or chase. You should always use the back clip of a dog harness to keep the dog safe. 


If you like the look and feel of leather but are worried about the longevity and maintenance, we’ve found the perfect solution for you. Our leashes are made of original BioThane - this material is durable, water repellent, odor-proof and very easy to clean. It has the look and feel of leather, but is stronger, easier to maintain and offers more security. We care for the environment and that’s why we’ve put extra focus into designing accessories that last long but also look very good. You don’t have to worry about ruining the leash but can instead enjoy the adventures through mud, sand, dirt and hell. It’s just so easy to clean - wipe the dirt off with a damp cloth and you are good to go! All leashes feature a snap hook that is specially made for dog accessories and every leash comes with a suitable hook for your dog’s size. 

Kullakuu quality

Each and every product in Kullakuu store is handmade with love in Estonia. Our purpose is to give our furry friends the accessories they need. After all, the idea of crafting harnesses and leashes came from a real need - it’s very hard to find long leashes and right harnesses that fit your dog and don’t restrict the movements. We saw the need as our clients struggled to find beautiful, functional but at the same time right fitting products for their dogs. 

Each Kullakuu leash is thoroughly inspected before sending it out to ensure the highest quality. You as a consumer are responsible for determining the suitability of our products and accept all responsibility by purchasing and using our products. If you’re hesitant, our dog behaviourist is happy to help you choose the right harness and leash for your dog: