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Long leash - why?

The length of the leash is important so that the dog can explore the world while walking stress-free - it is both his entertainment and a way to keep his mind sharp. A longer leash lets your pet sniff around without pulling on the leash and inviting you to any interesting pool. At the same time, a strong strap control is always in your hands to protect your pet and others from unexpected encounters.

Gold moon leashes can be purchased in 3 lengths - 3, 4 or 5 meters. 3 meters is the minimum recommended length, so a walk would be the highlight of your and your dog's day, not a big annoyance. Regardless of the length, this leash is 19mm wide, making it an ideal choice for medium to very large dogs. Please choose the right size for your dog when ordering (see instructions here). Depending on the size of the dog, we choose the right fasteners for the leash - smaller and lighter for the small dog and stronger for the larger dog according to his strength. If the size of your dog is not available with this leash, then ours from the rest of the collection you will definitely find something suitable.

Give your dog the opportunity to enjoy walks safely and calmly. We recommend that you only use the appropriate harness when walking your dog, not the collar, to prevent injuries and to check your dog safely. Be sure to use only the back strap to attach the leash to the braces.


If you like leather straps, but are worried about their durability and care, then you can rejoice, because we have found the perfect solution for you. The Golden Moon leashes are made of BioThane material, which is used wherever durability and strength are needed. This material is water repellent, does not absorb odors and is easier to clean than you can imagine. Take your dog on adventures through mud, sand and forests and don't worry about having to wash your leash when you go home. Just take a slightly damp cloth and pull the strap over and you're ready for your next adventure. BioThane is very similar to real leather in appearance, but exceeds all expectations in terms of properties.

We want your dog to be kept, and with the Golden Moon leashes you can be sure that when used properly, it will not break or take you down in the middle of a walk, but will serve you for years to come. All of our leashes use special fastenings that are suitable for pet accessories and are safe also used in the strongest dogs for. 

The quality of the golden moon

All our products are made by hand in Estonia. Our goal is to provide hairy friends with accessories that are suitable for their physique and movement. The idea of the Golden Moon to make a leash and a leash started from a real need - our customers did not find a leash of a suitable length and a leash in the right dimensions that would not restrict the dog's movement.

Before shipping, we check all our products to ensure that they meet our quality standards. However, as a dog owner, you are responsible for ensuring that the products you choose are suitable for your dog. If you are unsure which product is best for your dog or have other questions, feel free to contact us and we will help you make the right choice: tellimus@kullakuu.ee.