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A long leash – why?

It's important to use long leashes for walking your dog, to let him or her explore the world stress-free – walks serve both as its entertainment as well as a means of exercising its brain. A longer leash lets your favourite little friend sniff around without pulling on a leash and inviting you to jump into every interesting puddle. At the same time, with a strong leash, you as the owner are still in control, protecting both your pet and others from unexpected encounters.

Kullakuu's City Living leashes can be purchased in 2 sizes: 2 or 3 metres. A 2 metre long leash makes for a good companion in urban conditions where it's not possible to let the dog sniff quite everywhere for safety reasons. 3 metres lets the dog explore the world with all of its senses even better. No matter the length, this leash has a circumference of 8mm with a 19mm handle, making this one the perfect choice for everyone all the way from small to large dogs.

We kindly ask you to indicate your dog's size. Depending on your choice, we will use the right fasteners for your dog specifically – smaller and lighter ones for the small pups and bigger and stronger ones for bigger doggos, to accommodate for their strength. If this specific leash does not have your dog's size available, you will definitely find something suitable from the rest of our collection.

Give your dog the opportunity to safely and calmly enjoy their walks. We recommend only using a harness for walking your dog (and never a collar), in order to avoid injuries to the dog. For attaching the leash to the harness, you should only use the clip on the dog's back.


Kullakuu's City Living leashes are made from BioThane and polypropylene rope, which are used everywhere where strength and resilience are desired. BioThane is water resistant, does not absorb odours and cleaning it with just a wet towel is easier than you could ever imagine. The polypropylene rope is a good choice for leashes due to its strength, low weight, hydrophobic and dirt repelling properties.

We want your dog to be cared for and with Kullakuu's leashes, you can be sure that with proper usage, the leash will never break and fail you in the middle of a walk – instead, it will serve you for years to come. All of our leashes use specialised fasteners intended for pet accessories, which are safe to use even for the strongest of dogs. 

Kullakuu quality

All of our products are hand-made in Estonia. Our goal is to provide our furry little friends with accessories, which are built around their anatomy. Kullakuu's idea of designing and manufacturing leashes and harnesses started from a real need – our customers couldn't find suitably sized leashes and harnesses, which wouldn't restrict their dogs' movements.

Before sending out orders, we run a quality control check on all of our products, to make sure they meet our strict standards. You as the dog owner are responsible for the chosen products being suitable for your dog. If you are in doubt about which products would suit your dog best or have other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch via