A well behaved dog is a happy dog! Is your dog getting distracted by other dogs? Or pulling on the leash, jumping on guests? Or is it afraid of new things, people and unknown situations?

We are here to help you! Kullakuu offers professional dog behaviourist consultations that are tailored to your dog and your specific situation. We aim to get to the root of the problem and start from there. Every dog is different and even if the problems may seem similar, the underlying reasons behind every problem can be different, which is why we need individual approach for every dog. Our speciality is to work with problem behaviour, stress etc. We know how to teach your dog to sit and lay down, but we truly believe that knowing these commands will not secure the well-being of your dog. Our goal is to teach you how to build the relationship between you and your dog so you would have a strong relationship that improves your lives together by having a happy, calm and confident furry friend. 

Our core belief is that mental and emotional health of your dog is as important as looking after the physical health. We want to reward the behaviours you want to see and teach your dog how to live in harmony with the use of positive methods and listening to your dog. 

We will do what’s best for your dog and your family. Our job is to coach and consult you, not necessarily your dog, and you are the one that has to stay consistent with the instructions. There’s no magic wand or secret potion we can use on your dog, it’s trust, cooperation and dedication that helps to put a smile on your dog’s face. 

If you see that your dog is struggling and you don’t know what to do, please contact us and give more details about the issue.


First consultation 40€

Next consultations 35€

Consultation takes 45-90 minutes, depending on the dog, problem and situation. We will send you a summary and helpful materials after every consultation.