Why your company needs dogs in the office and how to arrange this in the best possible way

Why your company needs dogs in the office and how to arrange this in the best possible way

Seeing dogs in the office is nothing new and it has become more and more popular in the recent years. Employees value flexible working conditions and they want to spend more time with their family, including the furry ones.

There have been numerous studies that all show that there can be many benefits of having dogs in the office. It reduces stress, makes people more happy and therefore helps them to be more productive. More and more people expect to have the possibility to take their furry one to the office and employers are being pressured to allow and even champion it.

But what if you have a big company, lots of employees and open space? It’s probably not a problem if one employee takes their dog, but what if you come to work one day and there are 10 dogs running around? They may not get along with each other very well, may not have the manners expected etc.

What if some of your employees don’t want to see dogs in the office, or they are allergic? There are so many things to think through and it’s best to do that before saying “yes” to bringing dogs to the office in the first place.

Think about your office space. Are pets even allowed in the building? Is your office an open space with people working in one big room or are there separate rooms for different teams? All these aspects need to be thought through and in most of the cases require communication with the landlord and employees working in the same space. If every team has a separate room, it would mostly affect only the people working in the same room so you want to make sure that they are okay with the idea of having a dog there. You should also think about whether you want to have some areas in the office that are dog-free zones, like the kitchen or some of the meeting rooms. If you have people who are allergic to dogs, it’s best to agree that certain spaces in the office are dog-free.

Where to start? First, make sure that your landlord is allowing pets. Once that is taken care of, send out an anonymous survey where you ask people if they're okay with the idea of having dogs in the office. If there are people who aren't the biggest fans of the idea, suggest having a time-boxed trial period so you can test out the idea. Set up some ground rules to eliminate at least some of the problems that can come up. Talk to the dog owners and make sure that their dogs are vaccinated and healthy. Take a look around in your office and make sure that it's dog-friendly – that there are no wires hanging where dogs could get stuck into etc.

If this sounds overwhelming and you find yourself stuck, consider hiring a dog trainer who could help you setting this up and who knows what to think of. It’s also beneficial to arrange a seminar or a lunch session where the dog trainer can teach employees how to communicate with dogs in the best way and give dog owners tips on how to make sure their dog is feeling comfortable in the office.

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